Presenting NIVA

Non-Invasive Venous waveform Analysis

Venous waveform analysis represents a major paradigm shift from existing monitoring technology.

A breakthrough in vital monitoring, NIVA technology revolutionizes hemodynamic assessment in three key ways:

Signal Capture Icon

Signal Capture

NIVA technology captures the venous waveform with a non-invasive sensor. The venous waveform, an energy-based signal generated within the body, reflects numerous physiologic conditions, measuring volume status and the presence of congestion in patients with heart failure.

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Signal Deconstruction

Because it reflects numerous physiologic conditions, the venous waveform contains multiple frequencies that can be identified individually. NIVA technology is uniquely able to deconstruct these component frequencies, mapping both the frequencies and amplitudes of each signal within the patient's own venous waveform.

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Signal Decoding

NIVA's proprietary algorithm decodes the signal waveform data to produce the NIVA score. The NIVA score is designed to provide healthcare professionals and patients with a simple measure of volume status that corresponds to PCWP, a well-recognized and clinically relevant assessment of volume status.

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